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bullet10 Dance - Web design studio using, Javascript, Java, Perl, SQL, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, promotion, and free consultation.
bullet14 East Multimedia Group - Fort Lauderdale, Florida; offers CD-ROM programming, Flash animation, 3D animation, website design, e-commerce, presentations, training programs, interactive software development, trade shows, and kiosks. - Offers site design, HTML, Flash, interfaces, redesign, graphics, maintenance, marketing, and banner ads.
bullet1 Eye Studio - Interactive design and animation firm.
bullet123 Internet Designs - Northampton, UK-based web, graphic, and print design and hosting; including Flash, e-commerce, and web applications. - Offers site design, graphics, Flash, 3D images, and logos.
bullet#10 LLC - Specializing in designing and producing dynamic, rich-media applications and content with a focus on sports and entertainment industries.
bullet1 - Dynamic graphics, animation and web site development.
bullet12Play Design - Offers web design and multimedia production services.
bullet180plus Productions - Client maintainable web design; including e-commerce, Flash, corporate branding, networking services. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
bullet10Sign - Offers web design, 3D graphics, Flash, and motion graphics.
bullet1st Design - Web and multimedia services. Skills include HTML, DHTML, XML, Java and Flash animations.
bullet1st Graphic Design - Offers design using Macromedia, Flash, Java, and Perl. Also has graphic design, hosting, e-commerce solutions, and database integration.
bullet18 Street Design - Combination of advertising, new media, web design and original music composition and MP3 production services.
bullet13th Moon Web Design - Offers site design, maintenance, Flash, graphics, audio, and video. - Offers interactive e-commerce design services.

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