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Top: Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Dynamic and Multimedia: B  (57)
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bulletBusiness: Business Services: Design: Graphic Design: Firms: B  (149)
bulletComputers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Basic Service: B  (210)
bulletComputers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Freelance: B  (125)
bulletComputers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Full Service: B  (373)

bulletB635 Labs, Inc. - Dallas, Texas company, offering internet based project and application development; HTML, 3D modeling, illustration, photography, animation, audio, network, security, and database.
bulletBaby Steps - Provides web and print design, Flash, ecommerce, and streaming media. Based in Los Angeles, California, United States.
bulletBadDog Digital Services - Creates, designs, and implements web projects, multimedia CD-ROMs, and training applications.
bulletBalance Design Group - Design company specializing in advanced Internet, multimedia and print design.
bulletBanana Shark - Offers web design, Flash, DHTML, and graphics. Located in Nevada, United States. [Flash required]
bulletBarbarian Group, The - Includes web and graphics design, database integration, content creation, scripting, animations, multimedia production, and marketing services. Based in Boston, Massachusetts.
bulletBarefoot Enterprise - Provides design, Flash animation and custom programming. Located in Illinois, United States.
bulletBariLink - Services include site design and development, database integration, streaming media, and graphics creation.
bulletBarking Owl - Offers site design, multimedia, programming, Flash, maintenance.
bulletBarnes Multimedia Productions - Provides web and graphics design, multimedia, print services, and domain assistance. Based in Saint Louis, Missouri, United States.
bulletBarradas Yeaton & Wold - A full-service communications agency located in Portsmouth, NH.
bulletBarrett, Eddy G. - Multimedia web design including, Flash, Java and PHP. Also custimizable website templates.
bulletBathFrog Web Design - Web site design and build using Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver plus 3D design rendering of images for inclusion in web sites.
bulletBaximation - Produces static and motion graphics for web, television and corporate presentation.
bulletBD Studio - Web design for smaller firms; including Flash and multimedia presentations. [Requires Flash]
bulletBeata Design - Provides web, print, and multimedia creation services.
bulletBedido Technologies - Includes web development, multimedia, Flash, database integration, Extranet and Intranet services. Based in Cebu City, Philippines.
bulletBelcom Bailey LLC - Offers dynamic, database driven, and e-commerce solutions by using PHP, ASP, mySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle and Flash technologies.
bulletBelgo Media Inc. - Includes web design and development, ecommerce, digital media, multimedia, and marketing. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
bulletBeloved Pixel - Provides multimedia, database, and dynamic web development, and Flash animations.
bulletBHL Web Design and Consulting - Provides web development, database integration, CSS, PHP, and business accounting services.
bulletBig Label Multimedia - Provides web design, maintenance, and multimedia production. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
bulletBigEdison - Services include web design, multimedia solutions, streaming media, virtual tours, and CD-ROM and DVD creation.
bulletBigmouth Productions - Graphics and communications firm specializing in presentations, commercials, streaming audio and visual productions.
bulletBigSmallWeb - Illinois-based web interfaces delivered with HTML, XHTML, Javascript, DHTML, Flash, ColdFusion and ASP.
bulletBinary Minds - Offers design and ColdFusion development. Located in Medway, Massachusetts, United States.
bulletBinary Vision, Ltd. - Produces interactive programs for the web, CD-ROM, Intranets, and kiosks. Based in Clerkenwell, United Kingdom.
bulletBindra Infotech - Offering web and graphic design, multimedia products, software development, content writing and e-books. Offices in Noida, India, and Illinois, United States.
bulletBlade Industries - Services include web development, ASP, PHP, multimedia, 3D modeling, and video editing. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States.
bulletBlinkwire - Provides web design, ASP, and JavaScript.
bulletBlue Instant - Includes dynamic site creation, database development, Intranet and Extranet, and multimedia production. Based in Fontana, California, United States.
bulletBlue Monkey Creative Ltd. - Services include web design, multimedia creation, maintenance, marketing, and graphics. Based in Essex, United Kingdom.
bulletBlue Poncho - Provides web design, graphics, maintenance, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
bulletBlue Square Solutions - Offers custom programming and e-commerce solutions. Located in Victoria, Australia.
bulletBluelines New Media - Business-focused web design, hosting, online marketing and communication strategies. Located in Edinburgh, Scotland.
bulletBoltaxis Communications, Inc. - Specializes in digital and traditional media services for small business. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
bulletBooee Productions - Provides web design and development, multimedia applications, traditional and digital graphics, and marketing services. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, United States.
bulletBotteroNet - Offers e-mail, design, PHP, scripting, and hosting services for database driven pages.
bulletBoxFan Studios - Provides web design, Shockwave, Flash, multimedia, database integration, and pre-press print media.
bulletBoxhead Studios - Offering custom design and multimedia using Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime, HTML, and graphics. Based in Queensland, Australia.
bulletBraintank - Services include web design and development, graphics, and interactive multimedia. Based in Bellingham, Washington, United States.
bulletBrainwaves - Provides web and graphics design, multimedia, print services, and logos. Based in Ravenstein, Netherlands.
bulletBrandinghouse Ltd. - Provides digital brand consultancy to the high-tech and advertising arenas. Specializing in multimedia productions, mobile screen, television, and traditional mediums. Based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.
bulletBrigade Creatives - Includes multimedia presentations, touch screen applications, graphics, animation, marketing, consultancy, and edutainment.
bulletBright9 - Provides electronic publishing, online community building, instructional technology, and web design. Based in Palo Alto, California, United States.
bulletBrightwebsights - Includes web and graphics design, database integration, scripting, animations, streaming media, and marketing services.
bulletBrijindya - India-based multimedia design and programming including, Flash, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and CD-roms.
bulletBrilliant Design, Inc. - Seattle, Washington-based multimedia web design, includes Flash, games, and trainging modules.
bulletBrindle Designs - Provides web and graphics design, animations, and multimedia. Based in Vancouver, Washington, United States.
bulletBritesites - Provides web design and development including ASP, scripting, maintenance, database integration, animations, and submission services. Based in Ashland, Massachusetts, United States.
bulletBritt Communications - Offers design, interactivity, animation, consulting, CD-ROMs, and interactive displays (kiosks) services.
bulletBubble - Web design, multimedia development, and Flash.
bulletBubble and Squeak - Provides web design and development including HTML, PHP, DHTML, JavaScript, maintenance, database integration, and Flash. Based in Bristol, United Kingdom.
bulletBusick Studios - Specializing in graphic design, illustrations, 3D art, print, animation, web design and implementation.
bulletBusinessQuest - Web site design and hosting services serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area; including Flash, streaming audio, and e-commerce.
bulletBuxton Wall McPeake - Provides web development, domain and hosting assistance, animation, graphics, and multimedia design. Based in Bramhall, Manchester, United Kingdom.
bulletBuzzbait - Services include web and multimedia development, Flash animation, graphics, and promotion. Based in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

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