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bulletComputers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Basic Service: K  (214)
bulletComputers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Freelance: K  (83)
bulletComputers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Full Service: K  (121) Web Design Studios - Professional web services specializing in web site design, new media, graphic design, animation, flash, hosting, on-line advertising and banners.
bulletKaleido Design and Animation - A dynamic design facility specializing in creative visualization, 3D model construction and animation, website design/implementation, and graphic design.
bulletKallok Studios - Web, multimedia, print, and graphic design studio.
bulletKaplan & Sinko - Offers dynamic database-driven sites powered by ColdFusion as well as eCommerce and marketing services.
bulletKarmic Productions - Offering complete multimedia design, hosting, CD-ROM authoring, audio and video, photography, CD duplication packages, virtual reality tours, and print work. Based in Florida.
bulletKatch'em - Offers flash design, marketing maintenance, and hosting assistance. Based in Chester, UK.
bulletKava Solutions - Canadian web site design services; including multimedia, broadcast Flash and corporate identity, for small to large companies. Located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.
bulletKayo Design - Specializing in graphics for the web and interactive media, print design, illustration, logos and icons. Based in Oregon and Arizona.
bulletKazMax Ltd - Offers design and custom programming. Located in London, United Kingdom.
bulletKevin Perkins Inc. - Offers design, custom programming and database integration. Based in California, United States.
bulletKflash Design Studios - Flash website development company that offers full flash web design, as well as standard site design. We also offer companies complete image makeovers including logos, cards, flyers and site deployment.
bulletKG Cherry Co. - Offers flash and design services. Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
bulletKhushi interactives - Web site design, development, and content Management; using HTML, DHTML, ASP, Java, and Flsh.
bulletKinetic Reality - Offers database-driven site design in PHP, MySQL, Flash animations and e-commerce solution. Located in Adelaide, Australia.
bulletKips Kreations - Provides dynamic designs, services include graphical design, Flash, PHP, MySQL, Java Scripts and DHTML designs.
bulletKit Development, LLC - DePere, Wisconsin-based web design, 3D modeling and animation, Flash, e-commerce, intranet and mobile applications.
bulletKiwi Touch Software Development - Specializing dynamic design including flash, web site enhancements, database, and multimedia services.
bulletKizmet Interactive - Specializes in CD-ROM production, interactive presentations, and Internet development.
bulletKkwantum Mekhannix - Focuses on flash, and dynamic design services. Based in Aberdeen, UK.
bulletKnowledge Bites - UK-based internet consultancy and graphic design, for small to medium-sized business; including databases, intranet, e-commerce, and Flash animation.
bulletKoneko Design - Offering personal and small business design services utilizing HTML, CGI, and specializing in Flash and PHP.
bulletKopako - Offers web and multimedia design, ecommerce and web hosting services.
bulletKowee Designs - Multimedia web, print, and illustration design. Includes 3D, XML, ASP, Flash Actionscript, and corporate identity.
bulletKraemer Inc. - Offers web design and branding for both print and the web. - Website and CD-ROM design, plus brand identity services. Macromedia certified designer. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.
bulletKTA Web Design - Florida-based web and graphic design services, for business and non-profit organizations; includes virtual tours, Flash, audio and video animation.
bulletKumar, GR Rajesh - A net usability, internet marketing and user behaviour analyst. Offers graphic design, web design, corporate presentations, internet marketing, multimedia development, corporate identity materials.
bulletKyanmedia - Dynamic web design and multimedia, marketing and brand development. Serving London and South-East England.
bulletKyote Creative - Offering web and graphic design, Flash CD presentations, e-commerce, hosting, marketing, and corporate identity.

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