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bulletBusiness: Business Services: Design: Graphic Design: Firms: M  (189)
bulletComputers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Basic Service: M  (451)
bulletComputers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Freelance: M  (135)
bulletComputers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Full Service: M  (491)

bulletMach18 - Providing interactive web design, digital media, custom programming, and Flash animation. [Requires Flash]
bulletMackDesign Studios - Web design, graphic design, and animations.
bulletMacnider Design - Marketing and design concepts for businesses; includes e-commerce, Flash, hosting, corporate identity, and web marketing. Located in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
bulletMac-P Graphix Multimedia Design - Web design, graphics, and Flash. - Web design, graphic design, Flash, and consulting.
bulletMadantz Multimedia - UK-based web design, development, hosting, marketing, e-commerce, and database development services for SMEs.
bulletMagnum-Opus Studio - Web site design services include, multimedia, broadcast Flash and corporate identity. Located in Singapore.
bulletMAGS Designs - Web design, graphic design, and Flash. Located in Michigan, United States.
bulletMahalasa Infotech - Dynamic websites with JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP programming, interactive message board, online shopping chart with multimedia support for products. Located in Mumbai, India.
bulletMahoney Interactive - Multimedia and web design, hosting, and graphic design. Located in Wilmette, Illinois, United States.
bulletMajestic Pelican - Web design, graphics, video editing, and multimedia.
bulletMalamute - Web design, digital video production, search engine submission, and Flash. Located in Texas, United States.
bulletMambo Designs - Web design, maintenance, logos, digital video editing, and print design. Located in Berkeley, California, United States.
bulletMancala - Web design agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England -for small to medium sized businesses.
bulletManelski, Gary - Web page design service specializing in enhancing existing web sites with streaming media. Located in Houston, Texas, United States.
bulletMannion Web Design - Web design, Flash, Cold Fusion, Javascript, database design, and graphic design. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
bulletMantra Solutions - Web design, multimedia, hosting, and print media design. Located in India.
bulletMarket Directors - Webpage design, development and marketing company in Kitchener Waterloo, Canada; includes CD-ROM presentations, and internet marketing. [Requires Flash]
bulletMarket Web Solutions - Web design, e-mail hosting, high bandwidth e-commerce, SQL database, and website application development. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
bulletMarkus and Koch Web Consulting - Web application development with PHP and MySQL. Also offers remote Linux administration services. Located in Krautheim, Germany.
bulletMarkus Dilectite - Based in Sydney, Australia. Specializing in Flash web design, plus full intergrated print services.
bulletMartini Design - Multimedia development, including web design, CD-ROM design, and branding. Located in Seattle, Washington, United States.
bulletMartiniLab Web Design - Web and multimedia design. Located in Portland, Oregon, United States.
bulletMarx Design - Web design and Flash development.
bulletMarzweb - Web design, Flash, and scripting.
bulletMason Creative - Web design and media creation. Located in Detroit, Michigan, United States.
bulletMasscot Internet, Inc - Hyannis, Massachusetts-based design; includes Flash, audio, video, forums, animation, e-commerce, hosting, and promotion.
bulletMaui Web Designs - Complete e-commerce sites for small to medium-sized businesses; including print design, logos, maintenance, and web promotion.
bulletMaxaq - Web design, graphic design, and Flash.
bulletMaxCubed Web Designs - Full service web design company; includes Flash, e-commerce, databases, and ASP design. Based in Melbourne, Florida.
bulletMaximum Concepts - Canadian graphic and web based programming, and Flash design.
bulletMaximum Interactive - Web design and Flash.
bulletMaxmedia3 - Web design, Flash, multimedia development, and presentations.
bulletMaxVista Design Ltd - Providing small business Multimedia, web design, and hosting for small businesses. Located in Grimsby, England.
bulletMazmedia - Multimedia production company in Dallas, Texas; web design and video production.
bulletMB Administrative Services - Virtual assistant and services. Web development, application programming, Crystal report development, networking, and business support services. Based in Dallas, Texas.
bulletMcCord Designs - Website and graphic design services in Oklahoma City; includes Flash MX, ColdFusion MX, HTML, DHTML, ASP, JavaScript, CSS and ActionScripting,e-commerce, consulting, and site management.
bulletMcJenkin Design - Web design, Flash, and multimedia development.
bulletM-Corp - Bournemouth, UK-based new media agency; includes e-commerce, XML and database, intranets, hosting, web marketing, SEO, DVD/CD-ROM, and audio visual pre/post-production capabilities.
bulletMed!a 2nd - Web development and design, WAP applications, marketing, e-commerce, hosting, and database development. [Flash required]
bulletMedeainc - Web design, marketing, scripting, multimedia development, and 3D modelling.
bulletMedia Magic Productions - Multimedia production for the web and CD-ROM replication. Located in Rohnert Park, California, United States.
bulletMedia Tool - Web design, graphic design, multimedia, and video production.
bulletMediaBite - Full service multimedia and application design and development for promotion, education, and e-commerce. Located in Philadelphia, New Jersey.
bulletMediachrome - Web development and consulting, including animation, video, and audio. Located in Manchester, England.
bulletMediaStorms - Web design and multimedia design. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
bulletMediaTec - Web design, multimedia design, hardware, and technical support.
bulletMediatek - Web design including Flash, graphic design, and advertisement design.
bulletMediatrope - Full service design studio, offering online and offline sites, CD-ROMs, video production, and site maintenance. San Francisco-based.
bulletMediawerkz Web Development - Services include site design, Flash animation, 3D animation, Perl scripting and ASP programming.
bulletMediaXpressions - Dynamic web design and multimedia development. Located in Cranston, Rhode Island, United States. - Web design, graphic design, and Flash. Located in Massachusetts, United States.
bulletMegamorphosis Design - Web design, Flash, and CD-ROM design. Located in New York, New York, United States.
bulletMelazeta - Web design, Flash, digital video, and multimedia CD-ROMs. Located in Modena, Italy.
bulletMelee Multee Meedia - Offers web design, Flash, hosting, promotion, and video.
bulletMenara Mas Internet - Web design, Internet application development, and scripting. Located in Indonesia.
bulletMesh Digital - Web design, 3D animation, interactive CD cards. Located in London, England.
bulletMesh Digital - Graphic design company, based in Birmingham. Producing 3D animation, post production, interactive media, and video editing.
bulletMetalToad Media - Web design, Flash, PHP scripting, shopping carts, and search engine optimization.
bulletMetaMedias - Web design and multimedia services including banners, presentations, and print work.
bulletMetaphaseMedia - Multimedia web design, DHTML, e-commerce, and Flash. Located in Vancouver, Canada.
bulletMetro Multimedia - Edinburgh, Scotland-based company offering, e-commerce, website GUI design, CD-ROM production, online catalogs, ATM and kiosk contend and digital video.
bulletMetro.Dot - Provides creative web design services. Based in Augsburg, Germany.
bulletMH Concepts - Web design, graphic design, Flash, and photographic services. Located in Washington DC, United States.
bulletMH Designz - Offers web and multimedia design with Flash.
bulletMichael Baciu Portfolios - Web design, photography and graphic design showcase. Located in California, United States.
bulletMichael Douma Productions - Web design and graphic design.
bulletMichael Lyne Multimedia - Offering site design, multimedia presentations, 3D animation, graphic design, photography, and video presentations.
bulletMicomm Technology Group - Web design, shopping carts, multimedia development, promotion, networking, and telephone solutions. Located in Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States.
bulletMidgard Internet Communications - Offers custom programming in PHP and ASP and database integration. Located in the United Kingdom.
bulletMidiCom Internet Group - hosting and designing e-business and commercial websites, using HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, ASP, Java, JavaScripts, Perl, Access database, MS SQL and MySQL. Based in Zagreb, Croatia.
bulletMikopita Interactive Media - High-end web, graphic and database design, digital audio/video, Flash, and photography. Officies in Florida and Virginia.
bulletMilkIT Solutions - E-commerce applications and client updateable web content; hosting, ASP, CFML, iHTML, PERL/CGI, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Flash, and multimedia CD-ROM/DVD-ROM. Northern Territory, Australia.
bulletMilkshake Design - Cheshire, UK-based company, offering internet and intranet web and graphic design, custom programming and hosting services.
bulletMillevolte - Web design, specializing in Java development.
bulletMillix Multimedia - Web design, Flash, graphic design, scripting, DHTML, and database design. Located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.
bulletMIM-Technology - Web design, database development, and scripting.
bulletMindPlay Studios - Web design, multimedia development, and print design.
bulletMindray - Design, production and development of computer games and web sites. Located in Umea, Sweden.
bulletMinds Internet Studios - Provides web and graphics creation, 3-D modeling, animations, and multimedia production.
bulletMini Pork Pies - Web design, graphics, and Flash. Located in United Kingdom. - Web design, digital video production, and multimedia development.
bulletMiracle of Science, The - Graphic design studio specializing in interactive multimedia, complete web and print design services and CD-ROM production. Located near Portland, Maine.
bulletMirage Webcrafters - Web design, graphic design, and Flash. Located in Palm Springs, California, United States.
bulletMister WebMaster - Web design, graphics, Flash, marketing, and hosting. Located in Palm Harbor, Florida, United States.
bulletMitchell Media - A Web design firm offering web site hosting, e-commerce, and internet marketing. Located in Austin, Texas, United States.
bulletMJD Graphic Designs - Web design and hosting, advertising, desktop publishing and multimedia presentations. Located in Pascoag, Rhode Island.
bulletMMM Group - Multimedia and website development. Located in Manchester, England.
bulletM2N Limited - Database-driven web design. Located in the United Kingdom.
bulletModynet Solutions - Offering web, graphic and print design, multimedia, hosting, search engine submission, domain registration, e-catalogues and books, 2D and 3D animation. Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
bulletModzilla - Website design, animation and administration services.
bulletMoegal, LLC. - Web development in Fort Myers, Florida. Focusing on dynamic web and multimedia applications; including ASP, CFM, and PHP.
bulletMolo Industries - Web site and Shockwave design services. Los Angeles, California
bulletMomentum Information Technologies - Offers design, development, graphic design, Flash, and e-commerce, plus software development and multimedia production. Locations in India and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
bulletMonsoon Malabar Limited - London-based company, offering project management, systems integration, web design and intranet solutions, e-commerce, online surveys, ASR.NET, VB, database design and build.
bulletMonster Technologies - Services include planning assistance, design, construction, implementation, promotion, and ongoing site maintenance.
bulletMontgomery & Partners, Inc. - Provides marketing and communication strategy, development and design support.
bulletMonyet Solutions - Web design, promotion, graphic design, and multimedia development. Located in Gambrills, Maryland, United States.
bulletMoonshine Productions . - Web design, Flash, animations, and print design.
bulletMoore Concepts - Web and graphic design, and hosting for all size businesses; specializing in ASP, database driven sites, and custom software applications. Based in The Woodlands, Texas.
bulletMorganic Studios - Multimedia websites and graphic design for small businesses or individuals. Located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.
bulletMorning Mist Studios - Offering web design, Flash animation, logo identity, and print design. Based in New Paltz, New York-based.
bulletMoth Ltd - Photography, web design, multimedia cd-rom creation and digital imaging.
bulletMotionrush Media Labs - Web design, graphic design, Flash, branding, and e-commerce development. Located in Bradenton, Florida, United States.
bulletMoxie Media Studios - Web design, maintenance, Flash programming, logo design, database implementation, and digital design.
bulletMr. Sites - Web design, Flash, and multimedia development. Located in New York City, New York, United States.
bulletMujo Web Designs - Offers design, graphic design, ColdFusion development, and programming, plus network security consulting.
bulletMultiemedia - Web development and integration, software design, multimedia, wireless, and e-business solutions.
bulletMultiIdea - Web design and corporate identity.
bulletMultimedia Domain - New Jersey-based communications firm specializing in dynamic multimedia, web design, print advertising and animation.
bulletMultimedia Europe - Web design, Flash, video editing, and CD design.
bulletMultimedia Studio Ltd. - Offers graphic design, web design, multimedia presentation preparation, and related services. Based at India.
bulletMustard Seed E-commerce, Inc. - Specialising in e-commerce websites; CGI, ASP, and graphic design.
bulletMustard Seed Software - Web design, Flash, and Javascript. Located in Timberlea, Nova Scotia, Canada.
bulletMX Intermedia - Vancouver, Canada-based studio, specializing in high-end Flash design and web re-development.
bulletMXN Technologies - Web design, graphics, and CD-ROMs. Located in India.
bulletMY GraFX's Studio - Web design, graphics, video, and CD-ROM production. Located in California, United States.
bulletMyCreativeGenius - Web design, graphic design, Flash, multimedia development, and promotion. Located in Ridgefield, Washington, United States.
bulletMynista - Offers custom programming. Located in Alberta, Canada.
bulletMystic Orb Web Design Services - Web design, animations, scripting, and graphic design. Located in Maryland, United States.

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