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bulletLaCroix, Kathy S. - Shoot for the Stars - College student offering site design services. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States.
bulletLam Designs - Services include site and graphic design, maintenance, and search engine submission.
bulletLand, Anna - Creativity and tenure to help conceptualize and implement marketing ideas in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. Dallas-based with nationwide client list.
bulletLand, Beads Denbigh - Information, design, landscaping, and content specialist.
bulletLane, Ken - klws - Offers design and promotion services.
bulletLane, Linda - Wonderlane Studios - Offers web design, graphics, and development management.
bulletLang, Gordon - Corporate identity solutions, web design, design for print and advertising.
bulletLangwith Inc. - Services offered include hosting, design, and marketing.
bulletLaPierre, David - Offers design, graphics, and flash services.
bulletLapine, Jim - Wiz Web Design - Offers design, programming, and graphics services.
bulletLaReau, Margaret B. ---Designs by Lareau - Web sites for small businesses, free consultatins, NW Chicago Suburb.
bulletLarsen, Timothy - Web Designer - Resume, portolio, corporate identity, web design, multimedia, Flash, for small businesses. Based in Brainerd, Minnesota, United States.
bulletLarson, Maggi --Window Wiz - Offering web design, graphic design and animation, prepress desktop design.
bulletLarson, Brian - Interactive web design, graphics, and Flash.
bulletLarson, Cully - Broken Planet Productions - Provides web development with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. Based in Corvallis, Oregon, United States.
bulletLasch, Robert--Designs Are Us - Brattleboro, Vermont based Web site design company specializing in dynamic HTML, javascript, and database driven web pages, search engine optimization and database design.
bulletLaughton, Graham - Web site and graphic designer for internet, print, presentations and displays.
bulletLaursen, Thomas E. - Web Design - Multimedia development, logo and graphic design, resume, and web design for small businesses. Located in Denver, Colorado, United States.
bulletLaw, Jason - Inter4Design - Services include design, and graphic design.
bulletLayton, Jeff - Web page designs, custom graphics, e-commerce.
bulletLeach, Les - Specializing in design using ASP and VB scripting, DHTML, Flash, Shockwave, PHP programming and HTML.
bulletLeak, Mark - Web design, Flash, e-commerce.
bulletLe'Behl Designs - Website design, development and maintenance. Offering custom graphics. Located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
bulletLebson, Cory - Lebsontech LLC - Services include design, hosting, and database management and analysis. Specializes in servicing the Jewish community.
bulletLecca, Franco - Nautilos - Offers design and art services.
bulletLee, Frank - Franks Designs - Portfolio of design work. Offers design, graphics, and maintenance services.
bulletLee, Lorri--Artistic Designs - Web site design featuring flash, java for personal and business with graphic design in logos, banners, web, illustration - free web graphics.
bulletLeedham, Ben - Yasia Interactive - Specializing in web design, dynamic Flash, and interactive content.
bulletLee's - Offering design for both businesses and home users.
bulletLeft Coast Web Design - Offering design services. Located in Oregon, United States.
bulletLeighton, Donna - Leighton Web Works - Services include domain name registration, design including graphics and Java scripts, forms, e-mail, testing, and search engine submission.
bulletLejuene, Otto - offers multimedia and graphic design services.
bulletLemaster, Nicole - Offers web design, development, and maintenance services.
bulletLemke, Anne - A. L. WebDesigning - Web design for drag racing hobbists as well as companies and individuals.
bulletLemmon, Michael K - Web and graphics designer based in Washington state.
bulletLetcher, Norm - Offers design and graphics services.
bulletLeung, J - Offering web design, graphics, and other services.
bulletLevenbach, Frits - Intelequest - Design and development of CGI applications, with special expertise in business processes, information flows and data manipulation
bulletLevesque, Florence - Backgrounds, graphics and web design. Nova Scotia, Canada.
bulletLevine, Christopher - Website of artist that designs business, personal, special announcement, and hobby/collectible websites.
bulletLevine, Cindy - Able to design sites accessible to all users (Compliant with U.S. Section 508 Guidelines on Website Accessibility for Disabled Users)
bulletLewis, Richard - - Offers multimedia, design, graphics, and video services.
bulletLiberman, Lev - New Media - Corporate and commercial website analysis and redesign recommendations by a director and university instructor of interactive design in Oregon.
bulletLiebersohn, Israel - Web developer.
bulletLind, Peggy R. - Dew The Web - Web site design, graphics and animation.
bulletLindsay, Ken - Offers design, eCommerce, hosting assistance, and graphics services.
bulletLink, Tina - Offering design, flash animation, and custom graphics for the entertainment industry, small businesses and artists.
bulletLipov , Alex - Web development resume.
bulletLirovich, Margred - Next Level Design - Provides graphic art, design, commercial printing, photography and consultation services.
bulletLisa by Design - Services offered include: design, search engine submission, and domain name registration.
bulletLittell, Michael - Web design and Flash.
bulletLivingston, Brent L. - Specializing in static and dynamic design, e-commerce development, multimedia design, and database implementation for the recreational and sport industry.
bulletLivingstone, Douglas - - Offers site design and redesign services.
bulletLlamas, Richard - Offers web design and development. ASP (active server pages) example. Detailed steps to getting a web page. Developer links.
bulletLombard, Becky - Offers design services.
bulletLong, Jennifer Ann - Jennifer's Web Design - Offers site design, custom graphics, and assistance with hosting and marketing. Site contains resume, portfolio, and personal information.
bulletLong, MaryAnn - New Media Solutions - Specialization in design, strategy, and marketing for small business. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States area.
bulletLoomis, Diane - Web and print design solutions for small businesses and individuals. Custom graphic designs, HTML coding, Javascript, CGI/Perl.
bulletLota, Kathleen - My Own Way - Offers web site design and development as well as traditional graphic design services.
bulletLoto, Michelle - Web design and art for sale.
bulletLou's - Offering simple designs for home and small business users.
bulletLovell, Jake - Computer professional will design web sites.
bulletLovering Web Publishing - Offering design using music, animated graphics and Java scripts. Also, offers hosting.
bulletLowe, Michael - Biblical Web Design - Provides site services to Christian organizations.
bulletLudwid, Leroy - Ludwig's Web Design - Services include domain name registration, and business and personal site design.
bulletLum, Kelly - The portfolio of a Maine-based web designer. Offers design, and graphics services.
bulletLuminary Web - Offering design, development, testing, maintenance, updating, and custom logos and graphics. Also, offers free proposals. Based in Washington, United States.
bulletLunar Spells - Services offered include design, Flash, animation and illustration.
bulletLuong, Richard - Webdrifters - Offers design and maintenance services.
bulletLutz, Kirk W. - Offers design, print, and illustration services.
bulletLuxford, Jack D - Offers design and graphics for small business, clubs, schools, and families.
bulletLynch, Scott - Offers site design, hosting, and domain names.
bulletLynton, Jeremy - Lyndev Development - Offering the following services: consultation, design including W3C compliance, multimedia, CGI, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, marketing, maintenance, domain name registration, and cross browser compatibility testing.
bulletLysa MacDonald - Art based custom website design, content development, graphic design and marketing strategies for commercial or non-profit sites. Based in Westbrook, CT.

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